Make Social Media Your Slave

Make Social Media Your Slave

Sometimes you hear something online that is so out there- so ridiculous- so stupid actually that you wonder if the person who said it was joking. But if you’re like me, I begin asking all the right questions to lead me to where I need to be in my business when this kind of thing arises.

A few months ago I heard a very popular business person say these words, “What the heck are you spending all that time on Facebook for? Go build your business.”

Made me laugh actually. Because you see last year I started a little test with some marketing through Social Media. It earned me a nice 6-figure income over 12 months. Then we kicked it up a notch and began to compound our efforts. This year alone, in under 7 months, that amount has doubled.

But let me make one thing very clear- you do NOT make a 6-figure income on Social Media playing Farmville or Yoville or Craphead or any of those other games online. These were created by very smart marketers to lure people in who have too much time on their hands or who are trying to block sometime out in real life.

Before you send me hate mail about that statement look at it this way- if you haven’t earned at least a 6-figure income in your business online you’re trading game time for dollars. It’s as simple as that. Unless you’re making an income for every hour you spend online playing those games get off of them now. In my opinion they are worse than television and far more addicting.

But what about the core of Social Media? How can you use this very valuable channel and capitalize on it for your business?

In his best seller, “Socialnomics” Erik Qualman outlines who is using Social Media to do more than just marketing in our culture today. People like Barack Obama have used Social Media to connect with people he never would have previously. Tony Robbins gains insights into where his clients are today and can cater to their current needs with regular interaction.

What about the small business owner trying to break into the online market? How can Social Media help them?

Let’s look at the impact Social Media is having on marketing, advertising and other ways people connect online-

1. An extremely successful copywriter who wrote a glazing article on how he thought Social Media was poo-poo and he had no intention of getting involved in 2009 is now using Social Media regularly in his internet campaigns.

2. While previously Search Engines were the prominent tool to use when seeking to find information or feedback on something Social Media is now an instantaneous input giver. No small wonder Facebook outpaced Google some 6 months ago and still leads the train for internet most popular sites.

3. Colleges are now embracing Social Meida to bring together roommates, give input on specific degrees and trends for top paying jobs. It’s also being used as a tool that inside of the classroom. College Professors can take surveys, get interaction with students, create community and even direct students to potential employers as they move closer to graduation. Advertising to this crowd? Get on Social Media.

4. Social Media Marketing is hot topic at most internet marketing and offline marketing events. Guest speakers are often “Social Media” experts who have mastered how to use this tool for their business. (This tells you it is not a trend but a change in how business is done in the marketing world!)

5. Ads in newspapers and magazines are going down while Social Media marketing, PPC expenses and FB ad reports show a constant increase. In Social Media people no longer search for news- it finds them. Key newspaper statistics show that advertising revenue is plummeting with local newspapers while PPC ads, free communities and groups through Social Media are booming!

Here are some tips on how to use Social Media, make it your slave and not be left spending hours and hours online without making any money.

1. Make your focus connecting with people and bringing valuable content. Be personal and bring value. People will connect with you because of what you bring to them. To create rapid followers bring your best every single day. Go ahead and make a list of things you want to talk about each week if you have to but don’t wing it, don’t post only personal things and don’t think your audience will tolerate just anything. (Read my past article on Creating Rapid Response To Your Opt In for more on this topic)

2. Talk with people and not AT them. The age of Network Marketing and Door To Door Salesmen Alpha-Syndrome are gone. Good-bye! People no longer respect people who just talk at them and tell people what to do. They seek someone to connect with. Social Media creates this connection in a way that no other channel or medium will. Respect your audience, permit them to disagree with you, be who you are and allow them to be who they are. Build a community and people will follow you forever.

3. Bring your personal life into the mix. This is something I discovered online back in 1998 when our kitchenware business grew rapidly. People want to connect with real people. Don’t position yourself as someone who has ALL the answers and lives a PERFECT life and has everything color coordinated and organized and perfectly clean in your closets but be someone people can relate to. Share your life, share how you live and inspire others. I learn just as much from those who have a relationship with me through Social Media as they do from me. It’s a beautifully beneficial relationship. Ironically it’s one of my biggest USP’s that can’t be copied but it can be caught. Be yourself, be real and you’ll have clients who make your life such a joy!

4. Serve and be in it for the long haul. On a recent call I had with Ryan Lee he said he was very happy to see that I had supportive tools for my clients like our Forever WordPress Community. When he heard that I meet LIVE with my clients on the phone one hour each week to answer their questions, serve them and build community with them he said that he was glad I wasn’t just ‘one more internet marketer who really didn’t care’. Building your business with the long haul in mind will make it one of the best things you’ve ever done in your life. This is why it’s so critical to have a mission statement in place.


Vardhan is a Seo tips author of several publications of Social Media and experiences in life. she is a regular contributor to online article sites on the topics of Marketing allover the world.

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